I have to confess – a while ago I would have found this answer a challenge. I don’t have a story like many, I didn’t grow up in a real estate family. I didn’t have a sales backround so it was a “natural fit”. I haven’t always been a natural extrovert. I don’t love numbers. I never saw myself as a go-getter.
I was a happy stay-at-home mom, thrilled to quit my admin job when I had my first kid and do all the cute things I had always envisioned. I stayed home for 8 years and then I got divorced. I knew I would have to find a job and I just couldn’t picture the schedule of a 9-5 with little kids and school and grocery stores and yeah, freedom that I was used to. I also didn’t have any really marketable skills for a good career type office job, computers had totally changed in those years, my degree was a delightful but slightly useless BA in Latin American Studies, I was totally lost. A REALTOR® friend suggested I be an assistant to her broker – the hours and the cute outfits totally suited me.
So long story short, I fell into it in the best possible way. My boss was an amazing broker who ran a successful and cool boutique agency, I learned from the best and had lots and lots of inspiration. He loves real estate and that passion was infectious.
I kind of shuffled along for a few years making do – till I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The pride and gratitude I felt in being able to pay for my insurance and having just enough for my deductible were palatable. But that was it, I don’t work I don’t make a living, it was a scary time in all aspects.
I read some motivating and self-help books, including the one that changed my life – The Successful Single Mom by Honoree Corder. They all talked about crushing it and doing what you love and what you are passionate about.
I felt kind of lost.
I didn’t really feel that in my job. I just did it, had some fun, but didn’t really do the hustle. I just HAD to find my passion IN real estate, I had no choice. So this leads me to my number one reason I love real estate.


– I love being friends with people, and being a REALTOR® is like making friends all the dang time, and actually getting to hang out with those friends all the time. Sometimes my clients are my friends and it’s an awesome excuse to spend time together and learn more about each other. Often my clients are acquaintances, friends of friends, or strangers. But we become fast friends quick. I’m good at that. I love it!


– Helloooo I get to go into the coolest houses ever, and so many of them, and such variety. I adore architecture, I swoon for historic gems, I go weak at the knees for groovy mid-century moderns, I’m dazzled by high modern beauty, and my heart swells at cozy homey homes.


– I’m constantly inspired by people’s creative decor, or I’m constantly amused by the awful stuff, regardless, it’s entertaining and I really do get fabulous ideas for my own house


– Yes unicorns – I have a thing where I look for unicorns in houses I show, and I’m often successful. Just check my Instagram! Actually, I love finding all sorts of interesting and unique finds, it keeps me and my clients entertained and happy. Weird vintage toys, fun and beautiful art, bizarre knick knacks.


– Hot damn I love this town. I’ve lived here for 30 years now, I love the way it was, I love the way it’s growing, I love my memories here, I love that I still discover new parts, I love the tacos, the riverlake, the music, the people. Being a REALTOR® means that I get to immerse myself in the city for my job.


– This is the feeling when a client finds their perfect home, when they get a great deal, when they sell their house and are happy, when the deal is smooth and everyone gets what they want. This could not be more satisfying, it erases all the hard deals and smelly houses.
It’s true, I could write a post about the negatives, like any job, and there are days I want to drive off into the desert and spend my days walking and doing yoga and eating tacos (wait, I kind of do that! another real estate perk – flexibility) – but it was turning my outlook around to finding what I loved and making that be the essence of my work that made the difference, that made me satisfied, happy and yeah – successful.
PS – not to gloss over that “book that changed my life” teaser – seriously, go check out Honoree Corder and her books and work, she’s aweseome. The Successful Single Mom really did change my life and outlook of success and motivation and her other books have been inspirational too

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